The real estate industry has taken well over Instagram, and as a real estate professional, if you are yet to join Instagram, you are missing out on a lot!

You can not traverse into the Instagram market with a blind eye. Correct choices today can lead you to make the most out of your time on Instagram in the coming days. And one of these crucial choices is selecting your Instagram name, or handle, as the people are calling it today.

Your real estate Instagram name is your identity on Instagram. This name is how your target audience is going to discover you, interact with you and remember you. So, it’s crucial that you get it right!

We understand the gravity of this task which is why we are here with tips to help you choose the best real estate Instagram names in 2021!

Tip #1: Choose a Clean Username for your Real Estate Instagram

There's no point in choosing a username that people won't run into. As a real estate professional on Instagram, you need your target audience to discover you organically. You want to grow your business by reaching out to a large number of people with an online platform. Your growth is the reason you are on Instagram.

However, if you choose a username with special characters, symbols or numbers, you have fewer chances of showing up for an organic Instagram search. Make your username clean of everything except letters .

There are exceptions to this rule, of course. And if you find yourself in such a situation, go for it!

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Tip #2: Always Use Correct Spellings for your Real Estate Instagram Name

You might have this excellent idea for your Instagram name and find it taken by someone else already. If you were a personal account, you might have changed the spellings a bit, made a few adjustments and used the name you originally thought of.

In this case, however, using wrong spellings or your own version of spellings is a big No-No.

Why it’s not recommended is because Instagram itself is a search engine. Using incorrect spelling means there’s minimal chance of anyone searching for anything related to your username, and that means you will not grow organically on the platform.


Tip #3: Choose your Real Estate Username in the Language of your Target Audience

Your target audience can be people of a specific gender, age group, location or area, language, behaviour or interest.  If your target audience belongs to a specific location with a language other than English, choosing a username in that language can help them find you more easily. For example, some places in Spain do not teach English. If you cover only those regions, an English Instagram name means your followers will not know what your profile is about.

But remember, if you see yourself expanding in the future, English is the best choice as it is spoken worldwide.

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Tip #4: Add Real Estate Keywords in your Instagram Name

Keywords are searchable words, phrases or sentences. While you can not add sentences in your Instagram name, you can use some words and make them a part of your identity on Instagram. In this way, if people search for things relevant to their work, for example, house, apartment, complex, properties, etc., you can appear in those searches.

Finding keywords for your name is not hard at all. From your personal account, simply click on the magnifying glass on the bottom strip of your Instagram app. Now in the search bar, type the words you think relate to the real estate industry. If you are seeing real estate profiles appearing for your searches, voila! You have got your real estate keywords.

The idea behind this approach is that if Instagram is already relating real estate profiles with this keyword, it means you will get recognized by the platform, too, for the same keyword.

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Tip #5: Add Your Brokerage in Your Instagram Name

There are many places where disclosing your brokerage is essential for real estate professionals. An easy way to do that is by adding your brokerage in your name. In this way, you are not only getting traffic from the people searching for the brokerage, but you are also disclosing it clearly with every one of your posts as your Instagram name appears at the top.

It also makes your profile click-worthy. When people see that you belong to a reputable brokerage, they would want to work with you. Furthermore, you can avoid causing any misunderstanding among your followers by clearing up that you are not a brokerage yourself.

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Tip #6: Avoid Jokes, Puns or Humour for your Instagram Name

A real estate business has no place for jokes. People come to you with their life's savings, or at times, with a property, they have spent their lives building.

Nobody is going to find you legit and reliable if they see a joke or a pun in your Instagram profile name. As a real estate professional, you need to be serious with your name.

Your name should portray your professionalism and ideology. Think of a name that goes along with your content strategy or the overall theme of your brand.

Remember, your Instagram name is your identity on the platform. You must choose it wisely.


Tip #7: Choose your Handle with the Future in Mind

Just because apartments are your speciality does not mean you can not expand in the future.

So, while choosing your Instagram name, ensure that you are not confining yourself too much.

Keep it broad, and keep your goals and plans in mind while picking up an Instagram handle. Does ApartmentsComplex include where you can be in the future? If not, do not choose such a name.

Another thing to note here is that once an audience starts to recognize you by a name, changing it means starting over from square one. So, even though Instagram allows you to change your profile handle any time you want, doing it will seriously affect your stability on the platform.

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Tip #8: Don’t Use an Instagram Name that Resembles Someone Else’s

Confusion in your clients can be the death of your Instagram reputation.

If you excel at your work, you want people to seek you out. You do not want to be confused with some mediocre real estate professional.

Having a name that resembles someone else’s can lead to misunderstandings, damaged reputation or fake allegations as people might have trouble recognizing who you are.

So, while brainstorming for a name, do a quick search and ensure nobody else has a similar one.

Tip #9: Use Acronyms of your Real Estate Business Name on Instagram

If you are an established professional, you are already a reputable name in the industry. In the case where your original business name is not available on Instagram, your first choice should be pairing the acronym of your business name with a real estate related keyword.

Not only can you obtain organic traffic in this way, but your offline customers too, as they will easily recognize your Instagram handle.

Tip #10: Add Location to Your Instagram Name

Instagram can recognize location just like any other search engine. And resultantly, it can make your profile appear in front of an audience residing in your target location if you add it to your name.

A location in your name can also increase overall click-throughs to your profile, and it can ensure that you get the people who can actually visit the properties in your listings.

If a person in Australia follows you while you work in New York, you are getting nothing out of this follower. However, if anyone in New York City is reaching out to you because you have a 'ny' at the end of your Instagram name, you might end up making a loyal client.

Tip #11: Use “Realtor” in your Instagram Name

If you have the certification to be a realtor, you might want to flaunt it to build trust. In that case, using the word realtor in your real estate Instagram name can prove to be a good tactic.

However, the word realtor must be used very carefully as it means you are authorized at what you do. Claiming to be a realtor when you are not one might work initially, but it can destroy your business in the long run.

In addition, you can only use the word “realtor” with your own name or with the name of your firm, for example, jamescharlesrealtor.


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