If you want a social media platform that gives you an almost endless amount of content to post, then Instagram is your best choice. From photos and highlights to reels and IGTV, it seems like Instagram brings out new features for its incredibly popular platform almost every month. 2020 was a great year for new Instagram features that upgraded the platform and encouraged more content creation. So as the new year rolls in, what type of posts should you be creating? There are several answers to this question, so we will list many kinds of ideas you can post to your account all year long to gain followers.

Instagram Guides

Instagram has created a way for its users to make long-form text content without encouraging people to click out of their site. With Instagram guides, you can create an almost editorial list of your favorite places, products, and more in a Pinterest-like style. Let your followers know what places you want to go to or what makeup products are a must-have for you. You can create a guide by going to your profile, tapping the plus sign, and tapping "guide." Instagram guides are a great way to keep people on your social page or keep coming back

Inspiring quotes

We all need a little uplifting word every now and then. Inspire your followers by providing them with inspirational quotes to either start the day or get through it. I usually see influencers add quotes in every other post to keep a pattern. You can also do it sporadically if you'd like. Make sure that the graphic that you choose goes with your brand and brand colors. So, if your account about productivity and growing a business, select quotes and colors relevant to your image, mission, and niche.

Campaign posts

If you have a powerful message that you believe in and stand behind or a hashtag that you find entertaining, you can share these interests with your followers through campaign posts. Campaign posts are a great way to share a meaningful message that your brand believes in while also promoting a hashtag or product. Choose a campaign hashtag and encourage your followers to post their related image or story with the same hashtag. You can create your own creative or inspiring campaign or choose from the many hashtags out there that are easy for you to involve yourself in, like the Starbucks campaign that happens every holiday season.


In August of 2020, Instagram officially released their update for video creation. Reels are short videos of about 15 seconds that you can share through a tag from your profile page. Instagram took a page out of TikTok's crazy popular short-form videos and used them for their platform, allowing you a new way to engage with your followers. You can edit your video with audio, texts, and effects. Courtney Kardashian takes full advantage of her reels to show her life to fans. Give your audience an entertaining video, an inside look at your life, or a campaign that adds value to your brand with creative reels.

Behind the Scenes

Do you have a product or store you're working on and want to show your audience a little more than just pictures? Then give them a look inside the process with behind the scene posts. With this kind of content, you can either show them the creating or distribution process of your product or the ups and downs of a project and how you overcame any problems. Mr. Fresh Wholesale Flowers shares little behind the scene posts of recent events or occasions special for their business. Letting your followers get a sneak peek of your projects will keep your business fresh in their minds and make you more relatable to your followers.

Pop Quizzes

Pop quiz! What's one form of content that can get you a lot of engagement? Pop quizzes, of course. These simple posts are used by brands or influencers who want to promote a service or a product. It can also be used to show off your knowledge on a subject. Pop quizzes are fun little posts that encourage your followers to interact, comment, and discuss. You can even try to put a little humor into them, making the posts that much more effective.

Caption this!

Your followers want to interact with you. And social media encourages this with their various number of features. So, what better way to engage more with your followers than to let them caption a picture? This type of post will get your followers to show off their funny bone or creative side by offering their unique captions. It will also encourage more shares and likes, which will lead to you gaining followers or possibly becoming viral. All you have to do is choose a cute or funny picture and ask your followers to do the rest.

Illustrations and infographics

A lot of people are visual learners. So why not use this to your advantage with your posts? Information you want to convey or jokes that you want to tell your followers can be done better if they're in illustrations. These are effective at getting your point across simply and quickly. Just make sure that your illustrations or infographics are not just random and fit with your brand. An example of this is the Instagram account for cat jokes giving a funny illustration about, well, cats!

Run a Giveaway

No other type of content can be more engaging than giveaways. Whether you want to gain more followers, grow engagement, or just give back to your fans, there are a lot of benefits to running these types of events for your followers. The best thing is that anyone can do it. You don't have to have a large following, and you don't have to give away a bunch of expensive products like other influencers or brands. Just watch the many tutorials on how to plan and run a giveaway on your Instagram. Also, remember to make sure that you follow the legal guidelines for your state or country.

How-To Videos

How-to videos are some of the most popular content out on social media right now. We all love to sit down and watch a video on creating, fixing, or planning something that we never did before, whether you're learning how to use an editing app, trying to put together a desk, or just learning to do arts and crafts properly. How-to videos are a way to help people with tasks and information and show off your expertise in a field or niche. Suzy Grace shows off her handwriting expertise by posting how-to videos on how to write perfect lettering. So, if you know how to crochet or put together an exercise routine, let your followers know by creating a great how-to video.


Do you know any simple life hacks? Then share it on your feed with your followers. Remember, if you have a problem, then your followers also have one. Show them a cooking hack for that cupcake recipe or a tip about how to easily edit seasonal Instagram photos. Upload them to your stories or through multiple pictures in your feed. Trust me. Your followers will thank you for making their life or hobby a little easier.


What to know what your followers think about a set of clothes or anything else, give them a poll to encourage them to share their opinions or thoughts on a specific topic. Instagram makes it very simple for anyone to make polls. Use your stories and create a poll by just clicking on the "poll" sticker. Then all you have to do is add interactable options for your followers. This post will encourage a relationship with your followers.

Product Displays

Recently, Instagram has pushed its app to be more accommodating to the internet's e-commerce side with their Instagram shopping feature. If you have a product you're selling, try out creating product displays to show off your stuff to your followers. But don't take a picture of your products just on a bare table. If you want to awe your customers and convince them to buy your products, then take your photos with imagination. Make the background compliment the product with humor or make it a little artsy. Eos uploads plenty of pictures for their products. Be creative and show off the beauty of your brand and product.

Brand collaboration

People love a good collaboration. Just look at how much the world loves Avengers Endgame! Brand collaboration is like influencer collaborations but with other brands. Get together with one or more personal or business brands and come up with a campaign that will promote all of you. Powerful collaborations can get people talking and excited when they see two influencers or brands they like working together. It also has the extra benefit of getting you more followers by pushing your name to more users.


Instagram is putting a lot of effort into its IGTV on its platform. If you haven't experimented with the feature, now is the best time to jump on the bandwagon, especially if you don't want to commit yourself to starting a YouTube channel. Unlike your stories, on IGTV, you can make videos that are over a minute long and stay on your profile. People will be able to find you by seeing your video pop up on the explore page, getting you a chance for more followers.


If you know a lot about a subject, try making FAQ posts to share for your followers. Or you can interview someone and post it on your Instagram feed. You can gather several questions from your followers and answer them in a regular image, story, or IGTV lives to answer those questions about a specific subject. You'll encourage engagement through discussions and show off your knowledge of something you know can help people. Or you can just do it for fun and let your followers know a little more about you and your life.

Photo gallery

If you like to take photos, you can also try out making your own photo gallery. This is an excellent way for photographers to show off their skills to their followers. Put multiple photos of one theme or subject into a single post to your feed. Let your audience see your talent with the lens as they swipe through your post. It will almost be as though they have taken a trip to the art gallery, but it's right on your feed.

Challenge posts

You can find challenges everywhere over the internet, and most of them are right there on Instagram. The platform encourages influencers and brands to create creative and fun challenges that will be shared and attempted by a lot of people. You can create your own challenge, such as a reading challenge, or try out an existing one, posting it in your feed or story. Share with your followers and encourage them also to try it out.

Ask for Suggestions

Coming up with ideas throughout the year can become pretty hard at times. One second, you have a whole pool of ideas and content that you plan to make, and the next second, you find that the well is all dried up. When these times happen, just turn to your followers. They know what they want from you, so who else better to ask for suggestions. Simply make a post asking what they want to see on your feed, and they'll be more than happy to tell you.

With these post ideas, you won't be taken by surprise with an empty content idea list for your Instagram. Try out all these ideas and see which ones you want to stick with, or you can customize them to fit your brand, niche, or lifestyle. You can also get an in-depth guide to creating a great Instagram with Social Media Calendar's books. Don't go a day without a plan on what to post. Take these ideas and start creating unique Instagram content.