There are plenty of photos and video editing apps out there, and they just keep coming with what seems like every day. And with Instagram stories being a large part of the app's features, downloading one of these design apps will be one of the first things you do when you start your Instagram journey.

But the question is still there. What is the best designing app out there?

While choosing the definitive best editing app is too hard to do since every app has its uniqueness and beneficial features, we can still give you a list of some of the best apps that we found.

These are all different and provide a fun alternative to just taking a photo, touching it up a little, and uploading it.

So, read on and give your Instagram photos and stories a new flavor with these design apps for your phone.

1. InShot

Inshot is a video and photo editing app that is simple to use. If you're like many, editing videos may seem like a task out of your skillset. Maybe to you, they all feel a little too complex to take time to learn and master. But with this app, you can edit your videos, add extras like stickers, texts, effects, and music with its simple to use categories.

Available on iOS and Android

2. Jumprope

Do you have a makeup or crafting tutorial that you want to show off to your followers? Jumprope is a simple way to edit and create how-to videos and step-by-step tutorials in your stories. With Jumprope, you can add creative effects and even export your videos to multiple social media platforms in just this one app.

Available on iOS and Android

3. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is an excellent app if you want to create a graphic, video, or any other type of creative design for your Instagram stories. It's so simple to start since all you have to do is pick from their vast library of 30,000 template options for whatever you want to create, whether for an Instagram story or a post, add your picture, and enhance it with their unique text options and effects. Creating a high-quality post will never be any easier than this.

Available on iOS and Android

4. Clipomatic

Although this app is not free, the small price is worth it for what you get. Clipomatic is a great way to make your stories even more accessible to others as the video record feature also comes with automatic captions created right to your video post. Another significant aspect of the app is that the captions are in 40 languages. With this app, you can make sure that everyone understands you.

Available on iOS and Android

5. Story Maker Templates

Story Maker is a designing app that I came upon an accident. But I can say that I'm glad I did. This is probably one of the best Android-exclusive apps for Instagram. You'll just love the various amounts of templates that you could use for your stories. And with over 100 template designs, you'll have the option to choose different looks such as newspapers, ripped magazines, and many more.

Available on Android

6. Over

The Over app for Instagram is a great option for creating professional-looking posts for your stories. With a wide variety of graphics and text fonts, you can start making logos, stories, and posts with your brand in mind. No matter what you need for your brand, you will be able to do it all with this one app.

Available on iOS and Android

7. Story Cutter for Instagram

This app is for those times when you have a long video on your phone but want to upload just a small part of it to your Instagram stories. This app makes the editing process very simple, which prevents accidental cuts from your original video. You can also record straight from their app and upload it from there, taking half the time out of your editing and uploading process.

Available on iOS and Android

8. Unfold

Unfold has probably some of the best story design templates that you could find. And that's no surprise considering that it's an award-winning design app thanks to its vast collection of over 300 templates. The designs' quality and uniqueness are excellent if you're looking for something more with your stories. You can always have your brand visible and stand out with the designing options that are provided.

Available on iOS and Android

9. Life Lapse Stop Motion Maker

If you've ever looked at time-lapse videos and thought that you could never have the skills to pull that off, then this is the perfect app for you. With this video editing app, you'll be able to make stop motion and time-lapse videos for your stories. There are also music options and filters that you can use as well. These features make it great for promoting campaigns or products for your business.

Available on iOS and Android

10. Tezza

Tezza has some of the presets that you could ask for. The app allows you to batch edit your photos and choose between a wide range of exciting and creative presets. From stop motion to vintage and glitter, your photos will be Instagram ready by the time you're done with them. Tezza also has a subscription option that allows you to access even more templates and editing options. Trust us. This will be your money put to good use.

Available on iOS and Android

11. CutStory

Cutstory will take any video and let you cut it down to any length of seconds you wish to have. You can even edit the video and add music that you feel goes with your story. The app is compatible with not only Instagram but TikTok too. This is great if you want to add a little fun to any short video.

Available on iOS‎

12. Graphionica

This app is perfect for those who love the soft aesthetic and want to implement it into our Instagram stories and posts. You can combine videos and photos, layering them with beautiful text and high-quality effects. Of course, you also can't forget the cute and simple stickers options as well. Graphionica lets you do it all with the ability even to plan your feed with your edits. Through their amazingly unique templates, you can make such beautiful collages for your Instagram stories with Graphionica.

Available on iOS and Android

13. PhotoGrid

PhotoGrid has got to be the most fun you will possibly have while making an Instagram story. This app is a collage making photo and video app that will have you searching through their vast library of over 20,000 templates for your Instagram. Make fun and engaging stories by adding a bright background with text, patterns, and stickers. They also make creating memes easy too.

Available on iOS and Android

14. Hyper Text

If you're underwhelmed by the text options provided to you by these other design apps, then the Hyper Text app will answer your prayers. This photo and video editing app have over 300 text animation options to give your stories an extra creative touch. Not only do you have options for titles, but you can also add music and to the story as well.

Available on Android

15. Canva

Canva app is a design app with plenty of templates for Instagram stories that you can easily make in a couple of minutes. This app and Adobe Spark are very similar in what they offer. Both make it simple to create whatever you wish for your graphic designs, making both apps an excellent option for you. But with Canva, you can make designs in a flash. It's as if the app is doing everything for you!

Available on iOS and Android

16. Patternator

If your someone who loves patterns, then this app is made for you. Choose between an extensive option of designs for your photos' background, giving your stories a large pop f color and fun. The great thing about this app is that you can also make your own customizable stickers for animated patterns by cutting around any picture in your image gallery. So, if you have a cute dog that you want to show off even more, just cut around it into an awesomely cute sticker and background for your stories.

Available on iOS and Android

17. Magisto

Vimeo has made a great video editor and movie maker with this creative and easy app. You can make videos for your stories that will have people following you in no time. With its features of templates and its ability to let you create with anything, even if you don't have any videos on you, you can develop professional-looking slideshows and videos to showcase your creativity and brand.

Available on iOS and Android

18. Collage Maker

Here's another collage creator that's exclusively for Android. With this app, you can edit your photos and choose from a variety of over 100 layouts. You'll love that the app allows up to 18 different photos for one collage! So, for those Instagram stories where you want to share a lot of photos at once, this app is the way to go.

Available on Android

19. Super 16

One trend of 2020 and will likely go through to the next is the love of vintage aesthetics. So, if you like your videos looking as though you took them with a vintage camera with 1980's grain and all, this app has everything for you. With Super 16, you can record professionally shot videos with their 70-plus vintage filters. The application is also easy to use, so you won't have to worry about stumbling through the settings.

Available on Android

20. Afterlight

If you already know your way around editing tools, you may want something a little more with your photo and video editors. Perfect for making an Instagram story that will show off your designing and photography skills. This app lets you choose through a list of high-quality filters and provides you with tools to get the exact look and feel you want for a professional Instagram story. By being Apple Store's Editor's choice award, this app is something that should be on the top of your list.

Available on iOS and Android

21. Boomerang from Instagram

There are many third-parties developers creating apps for Instagram stories, but why not look to Instagram themselves? The social media platform created an excellent photo and video editor by letting you make a short video through your photos. Just press the record button on the app, and it will take a burst of shots that you can then make into a mini video that loops back and forth.

Available on iOS and Android

22. StoryLuxe

StoryLuxe is an Apple exclusive designing app for Instagram that has been widely praised for its professional-looking templates and designs. Along with their library of photos, you can also choose from 16 different curated designer text fonts. Their filters let you play around with everything from vintage and film to neon and paper effects. If you have an iPhone, this should be one that you should download right now.

Available on iOS

23. Quik by GoPro

GroPro has made an editing app that will work great with making your stories. All you have to do is take a video from your phone or GoPro camera and upload it to the app to edit. The options include colorful and professional transitions that will make your story look like it was produced by a professional. Quik offers you a library of image and video templates that have their animations and font styles. And to add to what makes this app great, Quik also provides you with a library of music that you can choose for your stories. Or, if you want, you can select your own song, customizing your stories to your personality and brand.

Available on iOS and Android

24. Splice

With over 70 million downloads, app developing awards, and praises from the likes of Lifehacker, this video editing service will be perfect for making your Instagram stories the best they can be. You can make powerful and professional videos for your Instagram story with their in-depth editing tool that makes it incredibly easy to create. Add text, music, and sound effects for a creative video that many will see and share.

Available on iOS

25. Seen: Stories Maker

This awesome app is made with creating powerful Instagram stories in mind. You can choose from over 1,000 different story templates that are unique and eye-catching. You can also add a transition animation to make your story, making the slide to the next story look seamless. This story-making app is excellent for showing off your personal or business brand.

Available on iOS

26. Hyperlapse from Instagram

Here is another app that allows you to shoot time-lapse videos. The simple design of the app makes the process easy and enjoyable. This app is on the list because, unlike other time-lapse video recorders, this one stabilizes your video, so you don't have to worry about the times when you almost trip while trying to get those perfect shots.

Available on iOS and Android

27. VSCO

The video and photo editing application can be your all in one in just a few moments. While you already get to see VSCO's ten presets to compare side-by-side, you also get access to over 200 unique presets with their paid membership. You can also make moving collages with your chosen videos and photos. Share your creations with your followers on Instagram stories and watch your brand grow.

Available on iOS and Android

28. Mojo

Mojo should definitely be on your wish list if you want to show off perfect Instagram stories to your audience. This story editor has it all. You can choose from one of their 100 animated templates, add an animated text if you'd like, resize to fit any format in one swipe of the finger, and even add an animation to your logo. What more do you need!

Available on iOS and Android

29. Filmm

Filmm is an exclusive iOS app for photo editing. Along with presets that span over 100 unique and creative designs, you also have various fonts, effects, and filters for creating the perfect photo for your story. The app also provides an option for transitioning animations for that seamless flow in your stories. Add music and professional film-inspired frames for the best story that you can make.

Available on iOS

30. Photofox

Have you ever seen great photoshop images that you wished you could pull off but don't have the experience? Well, this app is perfect if your inexperienced with that type of editing. This app allows you to make filters and effects that you thought could only be made by skilled graphic designers. Photofox makes creating stunning art as simple as it can get with its QuickArts sections. And when you get the hang of it or are ready for more, you can play around with their more complex editing tools. By using their cutting-edge photo editing technology, you can make your own professionally designed Instagram story for all to see.

Available on iOS

And there you have it!

With all the design apps available on the app store, making and editing Instagram stories has never been this easy. No matter what your goal is with your Instagram, whether it's to grow your brand or promote products, you can have your designs stand out from the rest with these creative apps for your stories.

Now, go ahead and choose from the many designing app options out there and create beautiful and professional Instagram stories that will have your followers impressed and grow your audience.