There's no one in the world today whose everyday activities don't involve spending time on social media, watching YouTube entrepreneurs and Instagram influencers talking about change, development and the helpful courses they have created for others. Seeing them, you must have wondered many times what you can do to get where they are.

Let me tell you a secret: they took advantage of their follower’s behaviours.

Yes, that’s right! Who doesn't like ease and accessibility, and with everything available at a click of a button, why should people go looking for things outside their homes? As consumer habits change, it's high time we start changing our selling habits too.

And what better way to start than from social media?

Making Money with Social Media 2021

Before we get to the ways of making big bucks, you have to keep a few things in mind.

Anything you commit to requires time and energy, so be ready to work, even around the clock if the situation calls for it.

Don’t get demotivated in the beginning if you aren’t seeing results from day one. Social media has always been one place where patience and perseverance is the key.

Now that we have set this aside; let's get into the helpful list we have created for you!

Post Affiliate Links on Social Media:

You can partner up with Amazon and become an Amazon Associate. It might start with you posting links to the products all over your social media feed, but you will only grow from there.

If you use the product you are advertising, you can take it a step further –from product advertisement to product reviews where your blog should come in very handy.

Even if you do not wish to advertise or review a product, you can take a step back, and instead promote other people doing this work for you. You can share sponsored posts or videos of people and take a cut from them.

But there is a drawback to this, instead of racking up followers and the experience yourself, you are taking an easy route, and to truly earn from it, you will need to have a substantial following, or it won't work.

The average earnings of an Amazon Affiliates range from around $100 to $7000 a month. And if you put enough effort into the project, you should easily be able to make a full-time income from the program.

Put your skills to work:

If you have excellent marketing, copywriting, and data analysis skills, you can put it to good use on social media, offering such services to people around the globe.

However, it doesn't have to stop here. Whatever skill you can offer online or offline, you can advertise through social media. Photographers, for example, use their Instagram account to showcase their work, collaborations and skills. It allows them to land gigs and reach companies and brands who might need them.

So, whether you are a writer, a social media manager, an editor, a photographer or a director, social media can be your one-way ticket to fame and thousands of bucks.

One of the most important yet underappreciated facts about social media is that you reach a far wider audience by offering services through it. Many of your clients are thriving in better economies than yours. And thus, would pay you adequately (or maybe a little more than expected) for your services.

Sell out the amazing artwork/content you have created:

Do you love doing DIY arts and crafts, or have some knitted sweaters at home? Are you a musician with soundtracks people can use for their ads, promotions and other related projects?

With sites like Etsy present in 2021, selling your handmade arts and crafts is easier than ever. Showcase your work on visual social media sites like Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram, and let everywhere know how they can land on your Etsy shop. It is by far the best way to utilize a niche skillset to make money on social media platforms.

You can also sell directly through social media by running a business page or account. Just sign up for one and start your work right away.

It's always better to start by posting your completed works in the form of an ad for yourself –but keep in mind –if you post too much about the same thing, your followers might lose interest and might even unfollow you. So, it's best to keep to a schedule.

Time your posts to when your audience is most active on the platform you are using. Keep the posts short and engaging. And format them well to provide them with improved readability. Always couple them with the best caption you can come up with, and aim to be friendly and informal instead of uptight and to-the-point. For more information about how to gain and retain followers, check out this article! (link the article named “How to gain 1000 followers on Instagram”)

Create a “Study Gram”:

You don't have to be an expert in a field to make money off of it on social media platforms. Even if you are a student or someone who likes to learn new things, you can start a "study gram," an Instagram page dedicated to educating others.

You can set it up and fill it with your revision notes, study guides, your timetable or schedules. You can post a "how I did it" setup that can help those who are just starting to get into what you have already done or achieved.

The way the Instagram algorithm functions, you can gather an audience of a few hundred in no time, and with proper time and management, you can even grow it to thousands and more. This "study gram" can then direct your Instagram audience to the courses you have created and increase your 'student count'.

Do Brand Promotions on Social Media.

Once you build a reputation for yourself on social media as an influencer, a marketer, a course developer or a tech expert, you can take this one step ahead by doing brand promotions. Brands that are relatively new or struggling to get noticed will love to have a shot at getting featured by you on your Instagram or Facebook page.

Some people on Instagram get paid $50-$100 to do a single promotional post, and you can too! All you have to do is build an engaged community of followers first.

Here are a few ideas for Instagram promotions:

  • Be a beauty blogger on Instagram and promote clothes, self-care products and makeup kits.
  • Be a "Bookstagrammer" and promote new and struggling authors.
  • Create a course and promote the tools you have used.
  • If you are a sports person, review and promote sports kits, gear and sports equipment.

As your following grows, well-known brands and companies will flock you as well for a promotion or sponsorship. It only goes uphill from there, we promise!

Don’t know how Instagram works? Here is a post that talks about the latest facts about the Instagram Algorithm! (Link the post: 12 facts about the Instagram algorithm you really need to know)

Become a reseller and grab those profits:

Reselling goods:

Another way to utilize social media platforms to make money would be to act as a reseller. You can get goods after their release, which can include anything from clothing, technology to one-off action figures and much more. You can again set up a page on different social media platforms for this, and with the proper posts and tags, you can gather an audience in no time.

Now, remember that if you want to take this step, there might be some collateral damage. A good that you managed to sell for a great value might break or not reach the buyer at all, or the buyer might not be satisfied with what you are selling. You might even get a lot of competition from people who are already in this business and are way ahead of you, but if you are determined, you can reach your goal and make a lot of money off of social media this way.

You can "thrift" articles of clothing or even go around town searching for open markets, like the Sunday market, where people sell their goods, paintings, clay items, etc. Buy those items at a competitive rate, and then you can, later on, sell them at a profit using your social media audience.

Reselling services:

Reselling a service has several advantages, one of them being that you don’t have to create them. All you do is pick-up some service, and pass it on to others –somewhat acting like "a middleman". Services like web hosting, social media management, social media analytics dashboard are not only in high demand but are also an easy sell.

While a company can sell these services themselves too, they can create special packages for your audience to boost their revenues - for example, a social media management package for newbie bloggers and content creators.

The biggest plus of reselling on social media is that you don't have to provide technical support, customer care, fulfilment or anything else related to the service. Once it gets sold, the entire task of keeping the customer happy is up to the company. It won't be the case if you create your own service or product to sell.

Monetize your YouTube Channel:

If you already have a YouTube Channel and subscribers, this should be easy. All you have to do is join the "Partner Program" and keep your viewers engaged, which you can do by frequently creating new content.

But if you don't have a YouTube channel yet, be ready for a long wait before you can make anything out of it.

YouTube gives you a chance to monetize your channel once it reaches 1000 subscribers and a watch time of 4000 hours. Once you get there, the wait should be over. Because after you get your first few thousand hours of watch time, the snowball effect starts, and if you keep yourself active by posting regularly, it shouldn’t stop.

That’s the great thing about social media: the more people engage with your content, the more it shows your content to people and makes them engage with it.

Moreover, brands are now willing to pay small YouTube influencers and channels (people with 1000-3000 subscribers). While it's good news for many, it's also crucial to ensure the product is good enough to be reviewed or promoted on your channel. If you recommend your audience a product that's not good for them, you'll get the one-time cash but lose your following, trust of the community and even your monetization if people start reporting you.

However, trying out YouTube is a good shot, and if you’re looking to earn from social media, you should definitely do it.

Pre-preparation before the ‘actual’ work:

If you really want to make it big on social media, you will have to start working even before you move to any of the platforms. First of all, you will have to decide the right niche from amongst the numerous available. Research well and pick the one that will work the best for you. Then, choose the social media platform(s) that you can make the most out of, depending on your niche, the features that platform has to offer, and any other aspect that will help you on the go. You might not be able to select the right one in the beginning, but don’t give up. With experimenting and a tremendous amount of hard work, you will be able to decide on the right things and achieve your goals.

So, let’s make those big bucks now, shall we?

If you have read through the post, you now know the many different ways you can use social media platforms to earn money. Now, the ball’s in your court, and you need to make it count. Your dedication and hard work can help you reach great milestones in your life, and being successful in social media earning isn’t different from any of them. Just don’t lose hope and don’t give up, as it might be hard at the start, but once you are successful, it will all be worth it.

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