Just like any other industry, the real estate industry needs to be promoted as well in order to get all those clients you want. And in this digital era, social media has proven to be an extremely effective way to do so. Billions of people use social media every day. And not utilizing those platforms to increase your audience is, no doubt, a big mistake.

But even promoting yourself or your brand on social media requires that you take the correct steps. If you are wondering what those steps might be, you are in luck!

Today, we come with a list of some of the best ways of promoting real estate on social media. Continue reading so you can start growing digitally!

Way 01: Advertise your properties using Ads features:

Ads play a crucial role when it comes to targeting a newer audience. They are also very effective if you want your old clients to know about other properties of yours that might interest them. Social media platforms provide different ways you can put ads of your products or services, your real estate properties in this case, and show them to a specific targeted audience.

For example, Facebook has Facebook Ads through which you can even specify the demographics, age, gender, geographic location, and many other different options to narrow down the users you want to target.

Let's say you want to sell a countryside house. You will, of course, be targeting a relatively older couple. And so, you will select the relevant filters to make Facebook show your ad of your property to only older couples and not some college student in his teens.

Similarly, Instagram allows you to put ads on stories and posts. You can add CTAs (Call-To-Action), add the option to go directly to your real estate website, or use any other feature Instagram has for its ads.

This way, marketing real estate on social media provides you with multiple features and options that you can use to enhance your audience network.

Way 02: Post success stories and testimonials of your clients:

Just like the reviews on your website that build trust amongst new users, you can also use social media platforms to do the same.

You can post your clients’ testimonials to show the viewers that you are, indeed, a credible realtor or a real estate company. You can also use success stories to increase the trust level of people who visit your profile.

These testimonials and success stories show that your work has actually benefited multiple customers. It is also beneficial in the sense because anyone who comes across your profile will now have most of their doubts cleared simply by viewing them.

You can ask your clients to make testimonial videos of their experience with you, or you can write a post yourself of how you got to know your customer and how you helped them out.

Check out how @tampabaydreamhomes posted their success story on their Instagram profile. See how they gave positive remarks about their clients. This tactic is bound to have a great impact on the newer audience/potential customers. They will know that you keep a healthy relationship with your clients. And this will motivate them into becoming one too!


Way 03: Use keywords and features effectively:

Keywords are words or phrases by which people search for something. Whether you are posting about your real estate on Instagram, tweeting about your property sales, or using any other social media platform to inform your audience about anything, try to optimize your content with the relevant keywords.

For finding keywords on most social media platforms, simply type in a part of the keyword you want to add into the search bar of that platform. You will get a few suggestions below. These suggestions are the ones that most people are searching for and so, optimizing your content using them will give your post a greater chance to appear in front of those people.

You can see in the image below that the Facebook search feature suggests relevant keywords itself once you type-in only real estate.

Every social media platform has its own unique features that provide users with specific ways to enhance their audience network. Now, using those features effectively to promote your real estate on social media is your job.

Many social media platforms, like Twitter and Instagram, allow users to use hashtags. These hashtags create a catalogue of posts, general or specific, depending upon the hashtag used.

You can find highly searched hashtags related to the real estate field, or you can create your own. Do not forget to keep them relevant to the post and the real estate industry to make it easier for interested people to find your posts.

On Twitter, suggested relevant hashtags come automatically once you start typing in your hashtag:

Similarly, there are many other features that each social media platform offers. For example, Instagram has IG stories, Reels, IGTV videos. Facebook has Facebook Stories and CTA posts. Twitter allows you to add links to your website or other users in your tweets. In short, these and all the other social media platforms have tons of features. Some of them will be common, while others will be specific to that platform. Use each feature effectively to help bring about more audience who may turn into your clients in the future.

Way 04: Create high-quality and helpful content:

On social media, people only follow you or watch your content if it hits the mark.

No one likes poor quality content, and if your audience finds yours lacking, they will gravitate towards your competitors.

Posts on social media platforms are of almost all kinds; texts, audios, videos, and images. Your job is to ensure that all the content you are posting comes up to the mark.

If you post only one type of content to make your life easier, for example, pictures, your audience may get bored. You need to mix it up well to keep them hooked.

For example, you can post a few images of the property you just sold, followed by a written success story and then a short tour of that real estate. This way, more people will stay engaged with your content.

Sometimes, your posts might be aesthetically and visually appealing. But after uploading, they might turn into a distorted blurry mess. To avoid this, you need to follow the resolutions, dimensions and aspect ratios that the platform recommends.

You can also pair up your real estate property posts with some useful tips and ideas. ou can tell your audience how to maintain their wall textures well or provide them with a to-do-list for the time they decide to renovate their house. You can even share your experience of taking care of a specific type of house.

In this way, any person interested in houses and properties will leave with some beneficial tips and tricks, and who knows, they may end up following you and become your customer in the future!

Way 05: Communicate with your clients:

Social media platforms have become an easy way of communication for people, and you being a part of the real estate industry, can use them to your advantage. When you post high-quality and helpful content on your social media accounts, you will attract more audience. Now, you need to interact with these people so they can not only like you and trust you more but also become a source of your free advertisement through word-of-mouth. These people will spread information about you and how well you do in the real estate industry. This is a very effective way of marketing real estate on social media.

You can engage with your audience by replying to them on DM’s and commenting back on the comments they made. You are simply making it easier for your potential clients to communicate with you, and it will really perform well.

Just keep a constructive and positive attitude towards them, and you will see them reciprocating it. Though keeping tabs on the comments and messages on all of your social media accounts can be difficult, there are many tools available that can help you organize them all in a much simpler and user-friendly way.

Way 06: Let people know about any events or meetings:

Social media platforms are a great way to let people know what you are up to these days. If you are arranging a small tour of a new house or any other real estate property you want to showcase, you can give an update about it to your audience on social media platforms.

You can simply create a small tweet using a creative hashtag or design an attractive poster and post it on Instagram. The possibilities are numerous. All you need to do is let more and more people know about it, and you are golden!

By telling a large number of people, you are attracting a large number of audience. And from those people, some of them will love you and your property and viola! You have got yourself some new customers!

Additionally, not all of the people interested in the property you showed in the poster will be able to come. The Live feature of many social media platforms will be your rope to safety here. By broadcasting a live video on those social media platforms, many of those people can watch it from the comfort of their homes, and if they are interested, they can contact you later for an in-person visit. So, do make sure that your contact information is displayed correctly!

Way 07: Collaborate with other people on social media:

Social media platforms give you the exciting opportunity to help others grow their account by featuring them on your profiles and presenting them in front of your audience Similarly, other social media accounts can feature you as well, and you can benefit from being shown in front of so many new people.

You can also collaborate with different people, like you can hire a photographer for taking some pretty pictures of the house you want to sell and then, you can tag them when posting those pictures on your account, and they can tag you when they post on theirs. This way, people who will like that house’s photo on the photographer’s account can come straight to yours and find tons of more real estate properties there. And even if they don’t buy straight away, they will know where to find a new house or an excellent property when they decide on buying one.

In the image below, you can see how the photographer account on Instagram, @firelightimages, features the property being presented by @greybeardrealty:

Collaborating with local businesses, experts, influencers, or other related people on social media will work better for you. This is because the real estate industry depends on physically present properties, and it’s more likely that you will end up dealing with more local people rather than an audience from outside that place. And so, collaborating with those local social media users will present you in front of a larger local audience.

Way 08: Promote the locality as well:

When people decide on buying a house, it’s usually a one-time investment, and they probably won’t be changing their home for quite some years. So, they need to make sure that everything is alright and exactly what they are looking for. And this doesn’t only concern the house, but also where the house is located.

The locality matters a lot since people are going to live in that environment. That’s why, when marketing real estate on social media, you need to promote the locality as well. You can show the pretty views, the parks, the shops, and maybe even friendly neighbours. Show anything you think your audience might be interested in, and present it in a manner that they will love it. This will increase the chances of getting more sales quicker than before.