Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms nowadays, and every business tries to use this fact to its advantage. Just like that, if you are a realtor or a real estate professional, you can promote your real estate on Instagram and attract a much broader and newer audience.

Instagram is indeed a visual platform, but the posts aren’t everything that matters over there. Content is the ultimate king, and if you want to enhance your audience on Instagram, you need to make sure that everything goes perfectly. Along with the posts you create, you need to pair them up with the best and most handy captions. The importance of captions is usually understated, but they can be of extreme advantage to you if done right. Using the right caption may take some time to write, but it can increase engagement on your posts and build a better relationship with the viewers. It can even help your posts to show up in the Instagram Explore section, from where your posts go to an even wider audience that can someday turn into potential customers.

Now, you might be wondering how you can write the best captions for your real estate posts? Don’t worry! We are here to guide you. Read along, and you will find several essential tips to help you write the perfect captions for your real estate posts:

Tip # 01: Include details of the real estate property

As a realtor running an Instagram account, you will be posting regular pictures and videos of the real estate properties. These posts are likely to attract some audience that can become your potential customers. Some of these people will read the caption about the posted property and decide whether they should give you an in-person visit.

A detailed caption covering all the main aspects of the property will be extremely helpful to your audience. It can even give you an edge over your competition who doesn't provide all the details in one post.

For example, while selling a house in the same locality as your competitor, a buyer is more likely to visit you if you have provided details about the property, added in contact information and the complete address all in one post.

People don't like to work to find things, and the more he finds in one post, the more he or she is likely to choose you.

In the post below, @joycereyrealestate describes the details about the villa she wants to sell. She tells about the rooms and space. She also adds in other details, like the gym, indoor lap pool, and even about the location.

Writing detailed captions this way can help your audience, making them more inclined towards your properties compared to the other realtors in the market.

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-24 at 6.29.42 PM

Tip # 02: Use proper hashtags

Hashtags are a popular Instagram feature and are much more than some simple phrases with the ‘#’ symbol. Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags in the caption of a single post. You don’t need to add all 30 of them, but you should add the relevant and most-searched hashtags. It will make it more discoverable by a newer audience, and that’s because people search for those hashtags.

As a realtor, you need to find the relevant hashtags for your field, which you can do easily through the Instagram search bar. Start typing in the keyword, and Instagram will show you some suggestions accordingly. Those hashtags will be the ones that people mostly search for, and if you include them in the captions of your posts, your posts are likely to appear on the hashtag page from where the people searching for anything related to real estate can come to your account.

For the hashtags, you can add the locality name or the type of property you are selling. You can even add some generic hashtags, such as #realestateforsale and #realestateagents, which will help Instagram show you amongst the people who will actually be interested in real estate. But remember! You should not create a new hashtag yourself if you don’t have an already established Instagram. It is because most of the hashtags that already exist incorporate keywords that people search for, and when you use them in your captions, people who search for them are likely to find you. This way, you can get yourself exposed to new viewers and increase your audience.

You can even create hashtags related to your brand and name, but unless you are a famous realtor, the brand-named hashtag is less likely to bring in a much newer audience. Nevertheless, you can still pair them up with other hashtags that include keywords.

You can see below how @sellingthesuburbs incorporated different hashtags along with a suitable caption for their post.


If it seems too hard to find the perfect hashtags for your real estate posts, we have a whole guide to help you with it. Click here to get the ‘Hashtags Guide For Real Estate Agents’ now!

Tip # 03: Use the right CTAs to your advantage:

CTAs are very helpful if you want more engagement and possibly more clients out of your posts on Instagram. With a CTA incorporated well into your caption, you encourage your audience to interact more with your account.

There are multiple types of CTAs you can use to your benefit as an Instagram realtor. Some help with lead generations, while others are used by people when they want more information about the property. You might be wondering what they look like? We have added a few examples below so you can better understand how you can incorporate different types of CTAs into your caption for real estate:

  • CTAs like “Call me if you need more details” merged with phrases like “I will be happy to assist you” lets out a friendly vibe to the viewers, and this will encourage the interested audience to know more about the property and who knows, they may even end up buying!
  • CTAs like “Want to schedule a visit, message me!” will encourage the potential clients who want to take a look at the property, get in touch with you and have an in-person visit arranged.
  • CTAs like “Tell us your story!” on a client’s success story or a testimonial will encourage your audience to engage with your post and share their past experiences. It will also show you as humane and will increase your credibility in the eyes of the viewers.

There are many more different ways that you can add CTAs to your captions for real estate posts but remember to keep them friendly and attractive so that the people will actually want to do what the CTA asked them to. Due to the increased engagements caused by CTAs on your posts, your posts will appear to tons of new users, making you grow online as well as offline!

Tip # 04: Be friendly with your captions for real estate

Sometimes businesses try to keep the interactions with their audience as formal as possible, but you shouldn’t be doing this if you have a Real Estate Instagram. Instagram has around a billion users, and most of your audience will be using Instagram as a source of entertainment. You can use this fact to your advantage and be friendly with your audience.

As an Instagram real estate professional, you will not only be posting the property pictures and videos but also some upcoming meet-up details, the schedule of any open-house visits, pictures and success stories with your clients, and even some personal daily shots and behind-the-scenes. Now, you will need to come up with creative and attractive captions for each of these different types of posts you make. Being friendly and a little bit informal in your posts' captions will show your 'human' side, and this way, people will relate to you more than ever. It will increase their trust in you as they will see you as another human being, just like themselves.

Furthermore, such captions are much more captivating and are likely to engage the viewers with your posts. If you have incorporated a CTA well with a friendly enough caption, that CTA will surely get more responses, getting you some potential clients.

In the image below, you can see how @averyguzmanrealestate writes about his sale in the caption. He also asks his client to invite him to their welcome party. It not only shows that they are friendly, but they also keep a good relationship with their clients, further strengthening their credibility in the eyes of the viewers.

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-25 at 8.20.14 PM

Tip # 05: The starting of the captions should be very attractive

Although Instagram allows you to write captions that are up to 2200 characters long, not everyone from your audience will read all of them. This is because the average attention span is only 8 seconds, and if your audience doesn’t find the caption to be captivating in that limited time period, they won’t read it till the end. Additionally, Instagram will cut-off the caption after a few words on mobile devices, and the user will need to tap on the ‘more’ option to reveal the rest of the caption. For this reason, you need to make sure that the start of your caption holds the attention of the viewer and makes them stay.

You need to add essential details about the post in the first few words, but you need to keep it friendly and attractive for your audience. For a new property that you want to sell, you can start with something like “Just Listed!!! A 3 bedroom Villa on Park Square.” That way, anyone who is interested in a three-bedroom villa in the said locality can go ahead and read the entire caption for more details. Such captions can help you get potential customers out of the random audience seeing your post.

For every post that you make, you need to start the caption with the most important highlight. You don’t need to use the entire world limit.

In the picture below, posted by, you can see how they invited their audience to a discussion. They included the reason for posting in the first line and in a friendly manner. It’s not only inviting the users to engage with their post but also giving them an idea of what it's about. And all they need to do is glimpse at the start of the caption.

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-26 at 4.47.40 PM

Are you ready to write the perfect captions for your real estate posts?

Now that you have read through the entire post, we are sure that you will be able to write the perfect captions for your real estate Instagram account. Pair them up with the best content to post, and you will be good to go! Don’t forget that captions alone will not be able to do wonders. You need to make your posts attractive as well since the audience sees them before the caption. We have tons of great tools to help you with increasing your audience on Instagram. Click here and get the ones you need!

If you want to know more about Instagram, its algorithm, and other features to help you grow, you can visit our blog.