If you haven’t been taking your Instagram seriously, it’s time you do!

Social media is your best friend when it comes to getting high-quality leads, making connections and keeping client interaction nice-and-personal.

With quality content on your Instagram, you can be the next big thing in the real estate industry.

Don’t know what real estate posts should go onto your Instagram?

We do. And we are here to tell just that!

Read this blog post and find out the type of content you really need to start posting on your Real Estate Instagram profile!

The Backstory of the Listing

If you have a property on your listing, you have a story to tell.

A property is never just a property; it’s a place someone built for a purpose. They went through a process to get the beautiful place home buyers will be seeing, and sharing the process and the emotion behind the property can make your Instagram posts much more engaging.

Some of the things you can add in your post are:

-Who built the house

-Why they built it (they wanted a house near their child’s school; they made a holiday house for ease, etc.)

-What taste the family had and how it shows in the property

-And of course, a description of the entire space

You can also include pictures of the home sellers who have hired you in order to make your post more personal.

Such posts can not only spark the interest of anyone who’s seeing them but also work to remove any suspicion about why a house is on the market. If it’s a great property that someone built with love, nobody would be wary of it being on the market. Also, knowing the history behind the property makes it much more interesting, and if the buyers relate to the story –you are golden!

Charity Campaigns and Good Causes

Have you recently joined hands with a charitable organization? Is there a campaign you are running for the needy and the poor? Will every sale of yours feed a person?

Don’t be silent!

Post about it on Instagram. Let as many people know about the good cause you are trying to serve, and let them participate.

It’s for a noble cause, yes. But there’s no harm if you get an increase in your sales out of this generous campaign.

Some of the things you can include in the posts are:

  • A hashtag –so your followers can use the hashtag and spread the word
  • Information about who you are teaming up with
  • Details about how much money you need to fulfil the campaign
  • A customized campaign poster –you can put it up on your Instagram posts for your followers to repost on their stories
  • A call-to-action telling your followers to help you out and specific details of how they can do that

Source: greeffproperties

New Team Members

Talking about new additions to your team of professionals is an excellent way to connect with your followers.

Let them know who you added and for what purpose. Show their face; talk about their speciality, their experience in the real estate market, their qualification and the reason why they were chosen.

You can also tell your followers how they can contact the new team member and how they will be helping them.

It’s a great way to let your audience in on what’s going on with you. It’s bound to increase engagements, and you can spark people’s interest if it’s someone they already know.

You can do follow-up posts as well, including pictures of a welcoming party, an interview with the new addition or a write-up of their remarks about working with you.

Source: christiesrehudsonvalley

Successful Sales Post

Simply posting the picture of the property with “sold” written on the corner is not enough. Make a successful sales post, but make it count!

Introduce your client, talk about their expectations and then explain exactly how the property in your listings met them.

Selling a property is no fun and games. Tell your audience how you went through the entire process and what lengths you went to in order to get what your client wanted.

But above all, help your followers understand how happy your client is with the purchase.

Posts like these work as testimonials, trust-builders, an example of your work ethics and your determination to do well, all in one.

Look how Acme Real Estate congratulates their agent on making a successful sale. Take their example and design your own post!

End of the Year Performance Charts

If you are doing good but not posting your success in the form of mathematical percentages –what are you doing?

Make a “closing the year” post and tell your followers how well it went for you. It will help them understand your experience, expertise and how well you rule the market.

Anyone can talk about their success but once it shows up in the form of a percentage, the trust-o-meter fills up really fast.

These posts are surely going to make your followers choose you the next time they need any help with the real estate.

It also sets you apart from your competitors. Because, unlike them, you are putting your performance data in front of the whole world to see. Your transparency with your followers is going to turn them into your loyal and trusting clients.

Source: glass_house_real_estate

Events Posts

Holding events is an excellent way to connect with your followers and generate more leads. With the help of different types of events, you make people remember who you are, what you do, and then these people come to you when in need.

Whether you are doing an open house, a virtual tour of your listings or a live session, promoting it on Instagram is crucial! It’s a cheap and easy way to let your followers know about the event. And if your followers are loyal enough, they will re-post it on their stories, spreading the word. And before you know it, you will be getting participation like never before, and your event will be a huge success!

See how this real estate agency takes the time to make a post about an event their agent will be participating in and posts snippets of the article covering it. It’s great for publicity; it’s an excellent way to bring in high-quality leads, and it’s also making the event more successful!

Note: You can also hold an event in collaboration with other real estate professionals and get free promotions from them. They will promote the event to their followers, friends and client-list and you will automatically get your name out. But for that, you first need to make an Instagram post about it!

Source: Westside Estate Agency

Client Reviews and Testimonial

Consumers rely on reviews to tell them right from wrong, even when buying stationery items (guilty!).

No wonder reviews become worth a lot more when these customers are about to purchase or sell a 35.6 million dollar house.

Having reviews of your clients on your Instagram is essential. It tells newcomers that you have worked with people before, you are an expert in your industry, and that people trust you.

It builds trust, a good reputation, and a loyal following like none of the other types of posts.

Testimonials work in the same way.

There are several ways you can go about this type of Instagram post. For example, you can:

  • Post screenshots of your client’s reviews.
  • Make a testimonial video for IGTV.
  • Post your client’s picture in front of the property and add what they thought about you in the caption.
  • Do a live interview if your client is a well-known personality.
  • Make highlights of reviews and testimonials in any form you have (turn visitors into followers).

Source: Dart Homes Real Estate

Holiday Posts

If you are not designing holiday posts, you are missing out on a great opportunity.

Posting according to the time and event engages people and stimulates conversation. For example, if you make a Christmas post, your followers are going to reply to it. The Instagram algorithm will count them in, and your future posts might show up on the Explore Page. And that means tons of new followers that can turn into high-quality leads!

There are several ways you can give a personal touch to your holiday posts. For example, you can design it using your brand colours. You can also add your logo or your agency name somewhere in the corner.

Delving a little into the history of a special day or national holiday can also work well.

Premier Estate Properties, however, talked about the number of sales they made, on the New Year and thanked the people. We are not saying copy them, but do learn from their example and come up with some amazing holiday post ideas.

Videos Showing Highlights of Listed Properties

If you want to show off your listed property, there’s nothing better than 60 seconds Instagram videos.

Although a carousel post can do this job, an in-feed video can do the job well. By using a video, you can capture the real feel of the place. You can also include some drone videography to show off the size of the property.

You can, then, pair these videos with music that complements the place and its location, and voila! –you have an excellent post for your real estate Instagram.

Adding text overlays containing information about each room shown on the video works great and takes it to another level.

If you have the editors and photographers that can do this job, make such posts often like Callaway Henderson SIR does and see the results yourself!

10. Significant Sales Video

Some sales are so valuable that they work to build our reputation in the real estate industry. There’s no harm in talking about them one too many times. In fact, you totally should.

A significant sales video can fulfil this purpose quite well. You can show off the top properties you sold in a year or six months, include the prices they were sold at and impress your new followers. You can go back to any historic landmarks or properties you were able to deal with in the past from time to time and use it to build your Instagram reputation.

Check out Sotheby’s International Realty’s significant sales video of 2020 and see how they are doing it!

11. Showing Your Personal Side

Posting your personal photos every once in a while on Instagram might be a good idea. It helps your followers understand that you are just like them and makes them trust you more.

And by personal, we do not mean you attending real estate trade shows or making a connection with fellow agents (though that’s a good post idea too). It means showing yourself with your family, posting about a trip you made just for fun or, just a picture of you with a quote you love.

Just make sure you don’t overdo it and make your business profile all about yourself, and you should be good to go!

Source: Rich Rojas NYC Real Estate

Let’s start making top-class real estate Instagram posts!

On Instagram, posting something good and posting it frequently is the key. If you are not doing that, chances are your Instagram will be dead.

High-quality real estate Instagram posts take a long time to perfect and you might not have that much time on your hands.

Are we worrying you?

No! We are merely trying to introduce our excellent social media bundles, hashtag guides and calendars so you can cut down your work and sell twice as much! Check them out here.

In case you have the time to work on your social media, this post should be enough. Now all you need to do is implement it!

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